About us

Thai Tan Tien Phu Quoc Resort is an ideal point of departure for your trip in Phu Quoc Island. Only the central town of Duong Dong, Dinh Cau Night Market about 3 km; way, Phu Quoc International Airport about 8km. Resort with bungalows simple, rustic, close. Feeling like a small village in one particular, very relaxed feeling.

Thai Tan Tien Phu Quoc Resort consists of 32 rooms all located in a spacious and airy space, conveniently located with private beach of fine white sand, clear blue sea with the equipment and services provided by Thai Tan Tien Resort ensure a pleasant stay for travelers. Thai Tan Tien Resort is a smart choice for travelers to Phu Quoc Island, where they bring a relaxing holiday and comfortable.

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